'Air to Air' two installation experiments

The war in Iraq was a disturbing fact in many of our lives. Relatively a political before, I found myself disturbed along with many others and my work changed necessarily. Complexities are at every turn in such conflicts, and I found myself both in awe of and bewildered by the full array of powers in force. The fighter jet represents an enormous technological capability, conceived and built with a level of sophistication that surpasses the comprehension of the layperson. I was compelled to re-represent this form using roofing tar paper, house paint and basic construction methods. I taped pieces together, stapled them to the wall and continued to use black tape and paper - building the silhouette from inside out. I took these emblems of power and positioned them without. rule is suspended. The materials and methods of representation contradict the hardware of warfare, opening a space for questioning a power that seeks to remain invulnerable.

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